Gentlemen DAO
DAO goals

Short-term goal

Building a DAO and accepting the first income / reward generation orders for active and passive owners of Gentlemen NFT.

Medium-term goal

Fully functional business DAO, which receives orders in parallel, allowing active members to work full time from anywhere in the world and above-average income.
The more orders we process, the greater the income to the DAO treasury and thus the greater the possibility of rewarding passive owners (the active owner is of course entitled to the same remuneration as passive + earnings from his activities).

Long-term goal

Acquisition of orders excess capacity.
Gentlemen NFT is 8000 pieces and we, as founders, will no longer create any collection, so the number of our collection is forever limited and with the growing income of active members and orders, we will one day exceed the capacity of Gentlemen DAO.
This can lead, for example, either to awarding orders to non-owners, or to forking Gentlemen DAO (this will be created by DAO, not me and Monika), or to the creation of other DAOs from among the owners who will be able to process these orders.