Gentlemen DAO
Benefits of Gentlemen NFTs
After acquiring Gentlemen NFT you will get:
1/ Access to the exclusive Gentlemen DAO discord, where you can get potential partners for your business, grow your business, do business with others or directly in DAO and most importantly you can gain experience from other experienced entrepreneurs.
2/ Opportunity to vote and discuss the development of Gentlemen DAO - you are its co-owner.
3/ Monthly payments in ETH from Gentlemen DAO turnover in percentage for each NFT:
· NFT generation # 1 (The first 2000 NFTs) - 0.026% of net DAO profit
· NFT generation # 2 (2001-4000) - 0.013% of net DAO profit
· NFT generation # 3 (4001-6000) - 0.007% of net DAO profit
· NFT generation # 4 (6001-8000) - 0.003% of net DAO profit
4/ Exclusive benefits from our business partners from Metaverse and beyond, whose network we are constantly expanding.
5/ NFT is your full property, so you can handle it in any way, even commercially. 6/ Not only will you become part of building a whole new business era, but you will also become part of a family where people have the same goals, visions and determination.
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